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So Much For Keeping A Low Profile

, , , , | Working | January 13, 2022

I’m driving when a tiny rock punctures my lower radiator. I have to pay out of pocket to get it replaced because my insurance excess is only slightly higher than the repair bill. I call up my insurance to see if I can get a lower excess.

I go through the standard greeting, explain what I need, and answer the initial security questions. However, the agent keeps asking for additional security questions.

Agent: “I’m really sorry, but I can’t progress with this because the birthdate you’ve given me doesn’t match the date we have on file. All your other information matches, so it’s clearly you, but I’ll need to talk to my supervisor to see if I can bypass it.”

I’m on hold for a while as they try to sort it out. The agent keeps apologising to me for the situation.

Agent: “When you called up to set up your insurance, they probably just misheard the date over the phone.”

Me: “I set this up in person at the [Town] branch because I knew they would mishear my name over the phone. I never thought my birthday would be an issue!”

Eventually, I’m given the okay to proceed. It turns out the date was off by a single day. The agent starts to give me quotes for new comprehensive insurance.

Agent: “You would save more money if you had your green slip through us, as well.”

Me: “I do. All my insurance is through [Company]; I got the green slip through you after the one from the dealership expired.”

Agent: *Pauses* “Okay.”

It turns out I had a second profile for my green slip. It was missing my phone number which was why the two never got linked together.

Agent: “Okay, so I can quote you [price]. If you got roadside assistance through us, it would be cheaper, but it’s not necessary.”

Me: “I got roadside assistance last week to get my car towed in.”

Yep. I had a third profile with them for roadside assistance. I believe this one was missing my email address. What should have been a simple phone call took well over an hour.