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So Much For A Grandma’s Love

, , , , | Related | August 9, 2021

My grandmother has two biological children: my dad and his younger brother. When her sons were in their teens, my grandmother got remarried to a man who also had two sons from his previous marriage that are pretty close in age to my dad and uncle. It’s also important to note here that she has several grandchildren; however, I am her only biological one because I’m an only child and my bio-uncle never had any kids. I was also raised to be very close to the daughter of one of my step-uncles since we’re only a few months apart in age.

When I’m about eight, my grandmother decides to plan a summer trip to visit the Mouse.

Me: “Can we bring [Cousin], too, Maw Maw?

Grandmother: “No, it’s just going to be the two of us.”

Me: “Why not? She’s going to be upset; she’s never been and I’ve already been once. And, wouldn’t it be more fun?”

Grandmother: “Because she’s not really one of us. That’s something you really should start to realize now that you’re getting to be a big boy. I don’t know why [Dad] ever raised you so close to them to begin with. Anyway, I just want to spend some time with my grandson before you stop wanting to spend time with me.”

This was definitely not the last remark she made about my step-cousins, and it wasn’t long after this that she started putting more pressure on me by calling me her “only grandchild,” and she wonders why I never go out of my way to spend time with her anymore. I can’t wait until I can get to a point where I can safely cut her off completely. And, yes, my cousin and I are still very close!