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So In Love It Is Alarming

| Romantic | August 17, 2012

(After having got up late, my boyfriend and I end up missing a showing of a movie we wanted to see. We decide to see an early viewing the next day. I promise to get him up early enough so that we can get through the horrendous lines at the box office and concession. His phone is on the couch, so I program an alarm to be the most annoyingly obnoxious sound I could find, and label it ‘MOVIE! HONEY, GET UP! Remember I love you!’. Next morning, I’m lying there, waiting for his alarm to go off, with an evil grin on my face. It does go off, but it’s muffled. I lift up the corner of his pillow to find the phone screeching away, and him smiling at me.)

Me: “Aw, you found it!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah. I was going to set one for myself and then I saw yours.”

(Another alarm goes off, and I wonder where the heck it’s coming from. I go into the computer room, and discover my phone on my desk, with the message ‘I’m up, and I <3 U 2’ on the screen.)

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