So Hot You Get Fired

, | Working | September 24, 2013

(The restaurant I work in is currently understaffed, and it makes it difficult to even find time to use the bathroom, let alone take an actual break. I start doubling over and feel pretty sick over the course of a week. After about a week, and still not feeling well, I take my temperature before work one morning, and it is 102 degrees. I decide to at least go in and help get things set up for breakfast. I let the opening shift manager know I’m not feeling well, and will be going to the hospital when the next person comes on shift. She says she needs to let the store manager know the situation.)

Shift Manager: “Okay, so, I have no problem letting you go do what you need to do, but he says if you leave, you’re fired.”

Me: *blank stare* “Well, then I guess I’m fired! I need to go to the hospital!”

(Later that week, I go in to get my final paycheck, and the district manager is there.)

District Manager: “What happened?! I know you wouldn’t just up and quit like that!”

Me: “Yeah, the store manager told me that if I left, I was fired. I left, and turns out it was a kidney infection.”

District Manager: “Oh! Well, I’m glad you’re better! I’ll be having a talk with him!”

(I found out about a week later that the store manager was fired!)

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