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So Funny We Forgot To Laugh

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My boyfriend and I had a fun date night out on a rare day we both had off. We went to a baseball game and then arrived at a casino for some more fun. We approached the bar to order a drink before going to play. My boyfriend is a police officer and I am a correctional officer.

Boyfriend: “Hello! Can I get a [beer]?”

Bartender: “Of course! Just let me check your ID.”

The bartender checks my boyfriend’s ID before asking me what I’d like. 

Me: “Could I have a [cider], please?”

I had my ID over automatically because, even though I’m in my mid-twenties, the majority of people joke that I look about sixteen. The bartender looks over my ID for a long time before telling me he won’t serve me.

Me: “I am old enough and it’s obviously my ID. What seems to be the issue?”

Bartender: “You have Interlock on your ID; no alcohol for you.”

Interlock is something put in vehicles for people who have had multiple DWIs. I have never gotten a speeding ticket, let alone a DWI, so I was instantly upset with the bartender. My boyfriend put a hand on my arm to remind me to cool off.

Me: “Sir, I am not trying to be rude, but I do not have Interlock on my ID and would just like a beverage.”

Bartender: “No, I can’t serve you. Here’s your ID.”

Me: “Are you—”

Boyfriend: “Sir, can you show me exactly where it states that on her ID?”

Bartender: “Well, it actually doesn’t. I just thought she looked too young and wanted to make a joke.”

I was silently fuming.

Boyfriend: “We will take the [beer] and [cider] now.”

The bartender finally gave us our drinks and snacks. I glared and made eye contact with him and he quickly looked away. He did not get a tip.

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