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So. Freaking. Satisfying.

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Our new supervisor is a piece of work. For whatever reason, she doesn’t like me or my pregnant coworker, I think because we’re both blonde women. She’s yelled at me before for a minor infraction and for being too quiet. She forced my pregnant coworker to use a ladder for a heavy object and then wrote her up for dropping it.

One day, some people from corporate show up, including a blonde woman. Our new supervisor doesn’t realize she’s from corporate; she just thinks she’s here for an interview, so she’s rude to her.

Woman From Corporate: “How are your employees treated?”

Supervisor: “These two—” *gestures to us* “—are crap. They’re both bimbos. That one got herself knocked up and she’s probably not even married.”

Woman From Corporate: “…”

My supervisor was fired immediately and blacklisted, so she can never work for our company again. And all our write-ups were destroyed.

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