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Snow White: No Longer The Fairest Of Them All

| Romantic | August 23, 2016

(I’m trying to explain my tendency to fall into “link sinks” to my husband. It also should be noted that I am notorious for having no filter.)

Me: “You know the feeling! Like when you look up something totally innocent on Wikipedia and next thing you know it’s four in the morning and you’re reading about necrophilia.”

Husband: “That has never happened to me.”

Me: “Oh. I’ve had that exact scenario happen.”

Husband: “Of course you have.”

Me: “I once read an erotic story that featured necrophilia. It was in a dirty book I bought at a library sale. It was a pretty gross story.”

Husband: *head in hands* “Of course you have.”

Me: “Don’t worry it was fictional!”

Husband: *exasperated sighing*

Me: “Actually we’ve both read a fictional story that technically features somnophilia!”

Husband: *looks up curiously*

Me: “Snow White!”

Husband: *stares at me* “Well, I can sort of see what you’re getting at. Please stop talking.”

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