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Snow Way You’re Getting One

, , , | Right | March 8, 2019

(I’m working at a festival with my boyfriend in his ice cream truck. The owners of the festival have paid for us to be here, meaning we aren’t selling anything to the kids; we are giving them the ice cream for free. We are only handing out chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream cones, but for kids with dairy allergies, we have snow cones. We have a limited number of snow cones and they are really only for kids with allergies. Our line is ridiculously long, and my boyfriend and I are swamped with making enough cones for everybody. A woman and her little boy are next in line and my boyfriend makes the cone for him.)

Boyfriend: “Here you go!”

Mother: “He doesn’t like ice cream. Can he have one of those snow cones, instead?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but those are only for kids with dairy allergies. This is all we can offer you.”

(The mother just stares at us as the kid hangs his head, clearly mad that he doesn’t get the snow cone.)

Boyfriend: *still holding out the ice cream cone* “Do you want this?”

(The kid, not looking at anyone, shakes his head no.)

Mother: “Can you please just give him the snow cone?”

Me: “Again, I’m sorry, but those are really only reserved for kids with allergies and we have a very limited number.”

(The line is getting longer and longer, and everyone is getting really impatient while the woman just stares at us for a solid minute, which is a long time when you’re standing in the heat with a line of at least 50 people behind you. Neither of us knows what to do, until out of nowhere this policewoman comes to our rescue.)

Policewoman: “Okay, ma’am, you need to get out of the way now; you’re holding up the line. Does he want the ice cream or not? We cannot offer you the snow cone.”

(The mother and her son finally left, and my boyfriend and I were able to help the other customers. That policewoman hung around the rest of the day and helped us with any difficult customers. We made sure to thank her heartily at the end of the day, as it had been incredibly busy! Some people get so entitled about free stuff.)

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