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Snow Neighborly Attitude Here

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We had a horrible snowstorm one year that had drifts of snow everywhere, and we lived on a side street which meant that the city would plow our street last, if at all.

This year, in the apartment building where I lived, the whole building went out to shovel out all the cars parked there. We lived near the end of the block, about three or so buildings from the corner, so we started in front of our building and worked our way down to uncover all of our cars. On a whim, we started shoveling other cars out. Other neighbors saw us, grabbed their shovels, and came out to help. Another guy had a snow blower and helped get the snow off the street. It was a beautiful thing.

Then, some a**hat came driving up.

Jerk: “Hurry up and shovel out those spots over there so I can park!”

They lived in the building next to ours. We told them to grab a shovel and help, and they refused. We just looked at them and then turned back to what we were doing, completely ignoring them. We didn’t shovel out their spot.

It would have been one thing if they asked us nicely, but to rudely demand we do it? Uh, no.

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