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Snow Chance That’s True

| Related | February 11, 2017

(It’s winter time. During the course of conversation with my husband, he tells me he’s never played in the snow before. Growing up in Southern CA, this isn’t uncommon, but my family – from Northern CA – is shocked.)

Me: “You’ve really never played in the snow before? Ever, in your whole life?”

Husband: “Nope!”

(So I ask him if he’d like to take a trip up to the mountains for his birthday, to spend an afternoon in the snow, and he excitedly agrees. We make our plans for the trip based on whether he’s done various things, like making snowmen and/or snow angels, having snowball fights, and so on. My husband keeps insisting he’s never done any of it. On the day of the trip, my family, my husband, and I all pile into the SUV together to drive up the mountain…)

Mother: “Wow, [Husband]; I can’t believe you’ve never been to the snow!”

Husband: “Yeah, we just never really went and did stuff like that. It doesn’t snow where I grew up.”

Mother’s Boyfriend: “Man, so you’ve never even been sledding or ANYTHING?”

Husband: “Well, I’ve been sledding before.”

Everyone: “…”

Me: “Wait, if you’ve never been to the snow, how have you been sledding before?”

Husband: “We went sledding in the snow at my aunt’s house during Christmas time!”

Me: “But we’d all been asking you if you’d ever played in the snow before, and you just said you never had!”

Husband: “Well, because it was a long time ago!”

Me: “[Husband], it still counts as playing in the snow even if you hadn’t done it for years.”

Husband: “I dunno. I guess so.”

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