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Snaking Around The Truth

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(I am eight years older than my sister and six years older than my brother, so growing up I helped take care of both of them. My sister is now 24 and loves to tell my husband how I would tell them outlandish stories as kids.)

Sister: “I can’t wait until you have kids so I can pay you back for how [My Name] used to lie to us!”

Husband: “Oh?”

Me: “Like what?”

Sister: “Like the time you told me snakes don’t poop! So they eventually explode!”

Husband: *laughing* “What?!”

Me: “Oh, yeah. I would tell you that if you listened, you would be able to hear snakes popping in the field behind the house. ‘Shh! There goes one now!'”

Sister: *trying not to laugh* “Or how you told me that the tar patches on the road were little kids who got run over! And that if I got run over, you wouldn’t scrape me up!”

(My husband looks at me, laughing but with a brow raised.)

Me: “Hey, it got you to hold my hand when we crossed the street, didn’t it?”

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