Snakes, Skulls, And Short-Sightedness

, , | Right | May 3, 2020

I am working in the clothing section of a department store when a man in his fifties or sixties stops me by grabbing my arm. He is dressed in a leather jacket and torn jeans and looks every bit the aged punk.

Customer: “That’s a very cool tattoo there.”

I have the Dark Mark from “Harry Potter” tattooed on my arm. For anyone unfamiliar with the design, it is a hissing snake emerging from the mouth of a skull.

Me: “Thank you! I got it pretty recently and I’m really fond of it. It’s a design from my favourite book.”

Customer: “I was about your age when I started getting tattoos, too.”

The man pulls up his sleeve to show me multiple tattoos of daggers, snakes, skulls, and so forth, all slightly faded from age.

Me: “Oh, cool! They look great!”

Customer: “Do your parents know about it?”

Me: “Yes, my mum really likes it!”

Customer: “Aren’t they worried about it?”

Me: “Well… my dad wasn’t happy, but I’m an adult; he understands that.”

The customer is shaking his head sadly.

Customer: “Not about that. I mean, it’s such a violent design… and on such a pretty young girl.”

I am an eighteen-year-old man.

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