Smoothing Out The Situation

, | Working | September 9, 2013

(I am at a popular fast food restaurant that currently has game pieces for Monopoly on their cups. I was going through the drive thru.)

Me: “Hi, I have a monopoly piece for a free smoothie. Is there a specific kind you would recommend? I haven’t had one before.”

Cashier: “Um, we have strawberry banana.”

Me: “Okay, that sounds great. I’d also like a number 16 combo, and a grilled chicken sandwich, just the sandwich no meal.”

Cashier: “Okay. Does everything look right on the screen? Your total is $14.90.”

Me: “No, you’re charging me for the smoothie still. I have a Monopoly piece that makes it free.”

Cashier: “Um. Okay. Pull forward.”

(I get to the window.)

Me: “Hi, here’s my piece for the free smoothie.”

Cashier: “Well you should have told me you had one!”

Me: *trying to be nice* “I did, but that’s okay. I’m sure it’s loud outside and hard to hear.”

Cashier: “Okay, your total is now $5.70.”

Me: “Wait, it’s $5.70? Taking the smoothie off shouldn’t have taken off $9.00. You got the meal as well as the sandwich right?”

Cashier: “Ma’am, I will give you your freaking receipt. I comp’d your smoothie so you aren’t paying for it. I know what I’m doing, mmmk?”

Me: *fed up at this point* “Okay, sounds great.”

(I go to the window, get my smoothie, meal, and sandwich, and pay $5.70 for $15.00 worth of food just because someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, and is very rude about it!)

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