Smile, And The World Grumbles With You

| Friendly | January 20, 2016

(I’m standing by the edge of the mosh pit at a concert, when a young woman gets bounced at an unfortunate angle and goes flying out of it backwards. Luckily I manage to catch her under the arms before she falls down. She bounces to her feet, thanks me with a smile, and dives back in. The guy beside me scowls.)

Him: “Real typical, right?”

Me: “What?”

Him: “She couldn’t even show a little appreciation for you catching her like that.”

Me: “She did say thank you.”

Him: “Yeah, girls always say they want the nice guy and then give you the brush off, am I right? Could’ve at least hung around to talk to you.”

Me: “Why would she do that?”

Him: “So wait, you’re telling me you didn’t catch her so you could get some of that?”

Me: “No, I did it so she wouldn’t get hurt.”

Him: “Bull. What’s in it for you if she’s not all grateful and stuff?”

Me: “Well, tonight a pretty girl smiled at me after I got to hold her in my arms, however briefly. Can you say the same?”

(He gave me one last disbelieving look and stomped off. I’m betting not a lot of women, pretty or otherwise, smile at him.)

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