Smells This Predicament A Mile Off

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One day our house — mostly the laundry room — started to smell really bad. My brother and I had our bedrooms right next to the laundry room, so we noticed it a lot more. Dad looked every chance he got, but could not find the source of the smell. It only continued to get worse as time went on.

About three days later, my brother had one of his friends over, and he mentioned that our laundry room smelled like “cat piss.” I was pretty confused, since we didn’t own a cat; we had a very unfriendly little dog, and my dad was allergic to and hated cats.

That night, around midnight, I was finishing up with my computer and getting ready to go to bed. All of a sudden, my brother came running upstairs screaming that he saw something moving in the laundry room. I headed down there to check, and sure enough, the tube connecting our air exchanger to the outside was moving; there was something in there. My mom refused to come downstairs; she was terrified that it might have been a skunk, no matter how many times I told her that skunks smell completely different.

My dad then spent the next hour climbing the shelves stacked with cleaning products like a monkey, slowly and carefully detaching the tube, all the while wearing the thick gloves he always put on whenever he was working with tools. My brother and I watched, not really having anything we could do in that situation. Eventually, he got the thing loose and brought it outside. My mom finally came out to see what was going on, still terrified.

With all of us watching, he turned the tube inside out and out popped a cat, which he caught. The little guy had probably climbed in there looking for a warm place and gotten stuck. He then bit my dad through the gloves, wriggled loose, and tried to jump back through the vent. The problem was that the tube wasn’t there for him to hide in anymore.

My dad managed to grab the cat by the hind legs and slowly pull him back out, me watching the whole time. I wish I’d gone inside like my brother did; according to him, he got back into the laundry room and saw the front half of the cat just dangling in mid-air, looking completely shocked.

We kept him in the shed for a few days — we couldn’t keep him in the house for the reasons mentioned above — while my mom and I did everything we could to try and find the owner. All the while, my mom took care of feeding him regularly, checked up on him constantly, and even named him; she grew up on a farm surrounded by barn cats. We had no luck, so Mom ended up driving him all the way to the closest animal shelter, an hour and a half away, all by herself, even though she hates driving. Even after that, she kept checking their website constantly until he finally found a home.

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