This Smell Does Not Compute

, , , | Right | September 14, 2017

Customer: “Hey, can you guys help me out? My computer has stopped working and I need you to fix it.”

Tech #1: “We can certainly give it a try. What exactly is wrong with it?”

Customer: “It won’t turn on anymore, and when I try it starts smelling like smoke. I might have spilled some wine on it.”

Tech #1: “All right, we will get right to work on it. Come back later today. If it isn’t done by then, we will give you a time to pick it up later.”

(By this time, the lady leaves and [Tech #1] tells me to bring the computer into the back room. I offer to take a look at it, since I have nothing else to do. I open the case and get hit with a strong smell.)

Me: “Wow, she certainly spilled something. It’s definitely something I have smelled before.”

Tech #2: “You weren’t kidding. That smells really bad.”

Me: “And I get to work in it!”

Tech #1: “Tell us if you figure anything out.”

(After about two hours of working inside the computer, I need to leave for the day. The next day I come back, and the techs are laughing.)

Me: “What’s going on? What’s so funny?”

Tech #2: “You know that computer from yesterday that you were working inside?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Tech #2: “Well, the owner of it came back, and after we told her all of the issues we found inside, she told us that her dog actually peed inside of the case.”

Me: *realization* “And my hands were in there removing ram and stuff for a good chunk of the day!”

Tech #1: *starts laughing again* “Yep!”

Me: “If you guys will excuse me, I am going to go wash my hands for a good 20 to 30 minutes.”

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