Smarter Than A Smartphone

| Learning | January 15, 2016

(During my chemistry class, I’m texting with my crush with my cellphone under my table, in my schoolbag. I’m still using a small monochrome simplistic phone capable of making calls and texting only. My chemistry teacher noticed me looking down at my phone while she was teaching.)

Teacher: “Hey, what are you doing? Are you texting?”

Me: “No, ma’am, I was…” *I quickly put my phone into a secret small compartment in my bag while pulling out a pen* “I was looking for my pen.”

Teacher: “Don’t lie to me. I know you’ve been looking at your phone.”

(She then came to my seat and check the contents of my bag. Somehow, she can’t find my phone.)

Teacher: *walking away* “I still don’t trust you.”

My Friend: *who saw me using my phone before* “Dude, did you just transform your phone to a pen?”

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