Smart Phones And Dumb Drivers

| Friendly | October 29, 2015

(I’m on the freeway in a carpool with three friends, one of whom is driving quite fast. While she’s driving, she notices her phone ringing and picks it up and to my astonishment, starts texting and ignoring the wheel completely.)

Me: [Friend], put the phone down.”

Friend: “Just a second.”

(My other friend in the back with me and I notice the car start to veer right.)

Me: “Put. The. Phone. Down.”

Friend: *actually looks back at me* “God, just a second! You’re as bad as my f****** mother.”

(She casually replaces the car into the lane and again lets go of the wheel. Now, she’s going so fast that we’re rapidly approaching another car and I’ve had it.)

Me: [Friend], PUT THE GOD-D*** F****** PHONE DOWN RIGHT THIS F****** MINUTE!”

(Thankfully, she catches the wheel in time and slams on the brakes before hitting the other car. She pulls off to the shoulder and glares back at me.)

Friend: “How dare you say that to me? I haven’t even done anything!”

(In answer, I gathered my things, grabbed HER phone since mine was dead, and placed a call to my mother to come and pick me up. I got out of the car and to my amazement, so did the other two, also with their things. She at first waited a few minutes, calling us morons who were going to get mowed down by crazies, before finally giving up and roaring off down the freeway. My mother arrived twenty minutes later and was relieved to know why we’d done that. When one of my friends told her what I’d done, she started laughing hysterically since I’ve never been known to say anything worse than d*** in my whole life. As for our crazy friend, who isn’t our friend anymore, she’s since gotten into three minor collisions for insisting on texting and driving. Please don’t text and drive.)

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