Small Town, Big Coincidence

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(My husband and I are taking the dog for a last walk before bedtime. As we’re passing the local park, a car pulls up and someone calls out the window.)

Man: “Hey, we have something for you!”

(My husband and I stand there, slightly bewildered, while a man and woman I recognize, but don’t really know, get out of their car. The man explains:)

Man: “We were at a conference in [Resort Town a couple hundred kilometres and two ferry rides away] and met [My Sister, who lives a further few hundred km away]. When she found out we were from [Our Town], she asked if we would deliver this parcel to you. We were going to bring it to your store, but we were driving by and just happened to see you.”

(They handed me a small parcel, got back in their car, and drove off, leaving us somewhat gobsmacked. You have to love small towns. By the way, the parcel contained a lovely little purse that my sister had picked up in Mexico.)

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