Small Talk; Big Help

, , | Hopeless | June 5, 2016

(I’m really, REALLY stressed out. I’m looking for a house, I’m looking for a job, and I’m trying to finish my studies. None of these are going well. I have just been in a job interview which I didn’t feel went that well. I’m trying to remember where is the bus stop I used to get to the area but find another one much closer. I’m not sure if the bus that stops there goes where I want it to so I approach the man at the stop to ask. It’s worth noting that I tend to speak a lot with my hands and babble on even to strangers, especially if I’m stressed.)

Me: “Excuse me; does this bus go to downtown?”

Man: “It sure does. And your timing is perfect: the next one arrives in a few minutes.”

Me: “Oh, good. Wasn’t sure if this was the right stop so I had to check.” *the man seems a little confused, so I explain* “I’ve never been around this area before. I just came here for a job interview.”

Man: *nods* “I see. I hope you get it.”

Me: “Yeah, me too. It’s pretty hectic, since I’m trying to find a job and an apartment at the same time while finishing up my studies. Got a lot on my plate and it’s sometimes exhausting.” *by this point, I’m gesturing pretty wildly as I talk*

Man: “Well, you seem like you can handle it.”

Me: “Really? What makes you say so?”

Man: “You just seem like you’ve got the temperament for it. Like you could have ten things to do at once and still get them done no problem. I’m sure someone will hire you and you’ll get everything in order.”

Me: *I’m smiling by now, taken aback by the unexpected encouragement* “Thanks. That’s really kind of you to say.”

(The man nods and smiles. At this point, we see the bus approaching and I dig up my bus card. As I gesture the bus to stop, the man notices my fingerless gloves. They are dark brown with a fur lining across the knuckles and a couple of small fur balls hanging from the wrist.)

Man: *chuckles* “I like your gloves, by the way. They look fun.”

(We got on the bus which was pretty full so we ended up sitting away from each other, but the man had me smiling for a long time. After a rough morning, a little bit of encouragement and a simple compliment were enough to make the rest of my day so much better. It goes to show it doesn’t take much to help people.)

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