Small Minds Can Lose Out On Big Sales

| Working | October 20, 2012

(I am on a school trip from Germany to London when this happened in a Gothic fashion store. My English is pretty good, but I am shy and thus didn’t speak much and stumbled over words. I am also overweight and very insecure about it. I have found a corset which is obviously two sizes to small, so I go to ask if they have any more sizes.)

Me: “Excuse me—”

Employee: “THAT is definitely not your size.”

Me: “Uhm, yes. Do you have it in… uhm… a bigger… I mean… larger size?”

Employee: “I don’t think so.” *talking to herself, but clearly loud enough for me to hear* “Oh god, stupid tourists. Of course li’l fatty is gonna squeeze into that corset no matter what!”

Me: “I just wanted a larger size. If you don’t have any, I’ll look around for other clothes.”

Employee: “Yeah, I doubt anything we have fits you.”

(My english teacher has been listening on the side and speaks up.)

My English Teacher: “I doubt anything you have in here ‘fits’ any of my students. We’ll take our business elsewhere.”

(With that, my teacher made the entire class of 25 people leave, leaving the store completely empty. She’s been my favourite teacher ever since!)

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