Slush With Excuses

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(I work in a cinema. At the end of the night, we put the automatic doors on exit-only thirty minutes after the last film begins so we can start closing down, cashing up, and cleaning. I’m an hour into my cleaning when I spot a guy walking towards the doors, and I elect to ignore him, as I hope he will notice the doors won’t open and go away. Instead, he begins to bang on the doors. I walk over to activate the automatic door function.)

Customer: “Thanks.” *starts walking towards the till*

Me: “Sorry, we’re closed now.”

Customer: “Closed? What do you mean, closed? I wanted a slushie!”

Me: “We’re closed for the night; that’s why you couldn’t get through the doors.”

Customer: *sighs heavily* “But I came all the way here for a slushie.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we’ve been closed for an hour now. I can’t sell you a slush. There are no tills and the machines have been cleaned.”

Customer: “Well… it’s an awful long way to drive for a slush and not get one.”

Me: “Well… it’s an awful long time spent cleaning and cashing tills up to undo it all for a drink.”

(He left.)

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