Slush The Rules!

, , , | Right | June 3, 2020

I work at the campground my mother owns. Because we have a lake with a beach, we get a lot of people for swimming only. On hot summer days, there can be a few thousand people coming through in a day, so I help out at the fast food court kind of place that we have.

One summer, we try out a new brand of slushies. Basically, the slushie in the machine is flavorless and we add in pumps of flavor — one pump for a small slushie and two pumps for a large slushie. If you add any more, the slushie will get way too sweet. At any given time, we have two different flavor pumps ready.

There is a pretty long line, seeing as it’s a hot summer day.

Customer: “I’d like a small slushie with both flavors.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can only add one flavor for a small slushie.”

Customer: *Getting angry* “No, you can give me a small slushie with both flavors.”

Me: “No, I can’t, because I have to add the flavor, and I’m supposed to only add one pump of flavor to a small slushie.”

Customer: “I want my small slushie with two flavors; I’ve already gotten it multiple times.”

Me: “I don’t know which of my coworkers sold you that, but I can’t do that because it’s against the rules.”

Because the girl was starting to get really angry, I decided to give her the way-too-sweet slushie so that the other people in line could be helped, as well. I had to get one of my coworkers to take over so I could step out for a few minutes, though.

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