Sloppy Seconds For A Third Time

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Friendly | April 13, 2015

(A friend of my husband and mine is very sincere and kind, but his idea of humour, conversation, and everything is a little non-standard. This conversation occurs not long after my husband and I met, but before we are officially ‘going out.’)

Friend: “I have a habit of following [Future Husband] with whatever women he’s been interested in. After he went out with [High School Girlfriend], I went out with her. Then, after he was interested in [Woman From The Social Group], I became interested in her, and then after that, when he was mildly interested in [Another Woman], I then became interested in her, too.”

(I’m feeling embarrassed, but at this point I know that the next woman on the list was me, so I heave a sigh of relief, thinking the topic is done, especially as it’s known to all our friends that [Future Husband] and I are spending a lot of time together and the whole group is wondering when we’ll get around to making it ‘official.’)

Friend: “And now—”

Me: “—you’re not following him in my direction!”

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