Slippering That One Right Past Her

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My wife has been eying up these popular — and normally expensive — slippers for months. As it’s Christmas, I buy a pair and have them wrapped up ready. I pretend to be uninterested in the slippers and feign shock at the price.

A few weeks before Christmas, my wife chooses a pair for her mother and again comments on the slippers. I play a game on these occasions where I have to put her off without directly lying; she has no idea I do this and I only do it for my amusement.

Wife: “I have a discount code for these slippers.”

Me: “That’s nice.”

Wife: “Just in case you wanted to buy anyone a pair.”

Me: “That’s okay. I’ve done my Christmas shopping already.”

Wife: “Even for me?”

Me: “Already under the tree.”

Wife: “You didn’t buy me a pair?”

Me: “You have slippers.”

Wife: “That are falling apart!”

Me: “I’m sure you will like what I buy you anyway.”

She has already given the presents a squeeze when she thought I wouldn’t notice. She still has no idea.

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