Sliding Into Best Boss A Little Easier Than Intended

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I work at a game development studio, leading a small team, and am known for going the extra mile for my team. Being prone to headaches and common colds, I have a small pharmacy in my desk drawer. One day a team member strolls in, who’s clearly caught a bug.

As soon as I notice my team member coughing and sniffing, I can’t help but go into “protective” mode. I ask, “Hi, how are you feeling today?” He admits to being under the weather, but he expresses wanting to be here and help the team meet the deadline. Even after reassuring him the team will manage without him, he’s adamant on staying, so I decide the least I can do is make him a little comfortable. “Here’s a pack of tissues. I have spares in my drawer, so take whatever you need. There’s painkillers, as well, and even some Vaseline in case your nose gets a bit raw from blowing your nose.”

Slowly a grin starts spreading on his face. He takes a deep breath before saying, “Thank you for that offer of drugs, tissues, and lubricants.” I get flustered, but I can’t help but laugh. After all, a dirty mind is a joy forever.

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