When Is A Sleepover Not A Sleepover?

, , , , | Friendly | February 21, 2018

(I’m in California for a friend’s wedding and I’m staying overnight with my aunt.)

Aunt: “I don’t know what time you want to get up, but you should know we have some college students from [State College] staying in [Cousin]’s room upstairs. So, you might see them at breakfast.”

Me: “I’m fine with that.”

(The next day, I get up to find that the other guests have already left. A few weeks later, I’m hanging out with male friends in another state.)

Friend: “So, I toured California with the choirs from [State College] and we stayed in [Town].”

Me: “I just got back from [Town]. My aunt let me stay in her guest room after a wedding.”

Friend: “Is your aunt [Aunt]?”

Me: “Were you the college guys she warned me about in [Cousin]’s room?”

Friend: “Which makes you the niece we shouldn’t scare off!”

(And that’s is how I had a sleepover with a guy friend without ever running into him.)

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