Sleepless In Rebuttal, Part 2

| Romantic | February 27, 2012

(I’m exhausted, and all I want to do is go to bed. It’s about 9:45pm, and my fiancé is still wide awake. He decides to snuggle with me until I fall asleep.)

Him: “I love you!”

Me: *muffled* “I love you, too.”

Him: “So, when you go back to teaching tomorrow, do you have to do a lot of copies?”

Me: *silent*

Him: “Do you want to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day?”

Me: *angry grunt*

Him: “Do you want me to just leave you alone?”

Me: *angry grunt*

Him: “Do you…want cuddles?”

Me: *really angry grunt, and I turn to my side*

Him: “I think you want to go to sleep.”

(Next morning…)

Him: “It’s so cute when you’re sleeping.”

Me: “How so?”

Him: “You still told me to shut up while I was on the computer in the other room.”


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