Sleeping Through This Particular Lesson

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(While my mom was pregnant with me she was having trouble sleeping. Her doctor prescribed some kind of sedative for her. The first night home with the pills, my dad — a preacher at the time — decides that he will give my mom a short lecture about the pills. He sits her on the bed and has a glass of water in one hand and a pill in the other.)

Dad: “I know you don’t like to take medications, but you really need to get some sleep. So, while I watch you, you’re going to put the pill in your mouth…”

(By way of demonstration, he pops the pill into his mouth.)

Dad: “…and then you’re going to swallow it down with some water.”

(Again, he demonstrated by taking a swig of the water. Too late, he realized with horror that he had just taken a sleeping pill. My mom thought it was hysterical. This set the trend for the last 57 years — and counting — where my dad essentially played straight-man to my mother and me. As for the church board meeting he had that night, he had a miserable time trying to stay awake for it.)

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