Sleeping Squarely In The Class

| Learning | December 23, 2015

(I have an issue, due to both depression and some biological problems, that leads to me falling asleep at the worst possible times, such as in the middle of class or during a test. I am in my ninth grade math class, where my regularly falling asleep is both well-known and a bit of a joke in the class.)

Me: *completely knocked out at the front of the class*

Teacher: “Wake up, [My Name].”

(He raps on the board to try to wake me up, then takes out a ruler and pokes my shoulder, waking me up in the process.)

Teacher: “[My Name], what is the answer to the problem on the board?” *points at the problem*

Me: *blearily looking around, looking like a general mess, and slurring* “The one in the square?”

(My entire class is at this point holding in their laughter, and even my teacher, who is fairly laid back in general, seems highly amused.)

Teacher: “Yes. What is the square root?”

Me: “Four.”

(I then promptly passed out again. The last thing I remember seeing being my teacher’s completely dumbfounded face as he tried to reconcile my apparent zombie powers of math.)

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