Sleeping On The Job

| Romantic | March 16, 2015

(My boyfriend and I haven’t had a date in a while, so he takes me out for fancy coffees and dinner. It should be noted that I make and sell products online and he is my marketing partner. As we are served our coffees and waiting for our food, the following takes place.)

Me: *holding his hands across the table* “It’s so nice to be out with you. Thank you for this.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, it’s a nice treat!”

Me: *checking my email on my phone* “Oh! I got another order.”

Boyfriend: “I should really start on your online store when we get home.”

Me: “Yeah, I hate getting charged twenty cents through [Online Store] every time my products re-list.”

Boyfriend: “Twenty cents?! Every time?”

Me: “Yeah, it’s set to auto-renew every listing when someone buys something. So… BAM!… twenty cents every time I sell something.”

(Our food arrives, but he ignores his burger and pulls up the calculator app on his phone.)

Boyfriend: “So if you sell [#] products, you get charged [$], when you can just have your own website and sell from there.”

Me: “Exactly! But since I already have my own website, but it’s not for my products, can you make a different facet just for my store? One that you don’t have to go through my main website to get to?”

Boyfriend: “I can make a whole new website, and if you pay for the whole year upfront, you’ll get three free vouchers for online advertising.”

Me: *pauses and laughs* “Is this a date, or a business meeting?”

Boyfriend: “That depends on what happens when we go home…”

Me: “Oh, I’ll sleep with you… which, I guess, makes it a date.”

Boyfriend: “And you get three advertising vouchers out of it!”

Me: “…and that would make me a prostitute!”

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