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Sleeping Around In Hotels

| Romantic | March 20, 2014

(My girlfriend works night shifts, while I work days. As such, she’s usually asleep when I get home in the afternoon. She also talks in her sleep. I come home one day and find her in bed, but I’m unsure if she’s asleep.)

Me: *whispers* “Hun?”

Girlfriend: “Hey, [My Name]. I got a call from the hotel!”

(I’m confused, as we have no travel plans.)

Me: “Wait. What hotel? What are you talking about?”

Girlfriend: “The… hotel.”

Me: “Are you even awake right now?”

Girlfriend: “… Maybe.”

Me: “Are you going to remember this when you get up?”

Girlfriend: “That’s what I have you for!”

(She didn’t remember it.)

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