Sleazy Easy A’s

| Learning | May 22, 2014

(We’re taking a test in German. Part of the test includes listening to a recording of people speaking German and translating it into English.)

Recording: *in German* “Did you meet the substitute teacher? She’s very nice, very intelligent, and very… sexy.”

(The class all looks up, stunned. The professor literally falls out of her chair.)

Recording: *in German* “I wish she wasn’t a teacher so I could date her. She looks like she’d be great in the bedroom—”

(The class is giggling like mad. The professor, blushing profusely, hurries to her feet to turn off the recording.)

Professor: “All right, Just, uh, leave the section blank and I’ll give you all ‘A’s. I really should have listened to the recording before the test.”

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