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Sky-High Expectations

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When I was eight, my family lived overseas due to my dad being in the military. We were on a tiny island near Portugal where you could see the ocean from every direction. When my mom got pregnant with my brother, she absolutely refused to give birth because she didn’t trust the healthcare provided, so she and I traveled back home to the United States so she could give birth. Dad would meet us up there a few months later around the due date.

My brother was an incredibly sensitive baby who would not. Stop. Crying. (We came to find out that he’s autistic.) My mom had some serious postpartum anxiety as a result. When my brother was around five or six months old, we were on our very long flight back home, and due to some mishaps, I had to sit separately from my parents on the other side of the plane. Luckily, I had gotten a portable DVD player to keep me entertained. (This was before smartphones.)

I was told how the flight went once we landed; my mom looked completely pissed.

I could hear my poor brother’s screams for almost the entire flight. There was one particular flight attendant who made it her mission to let my parents know how miserable she was, constantly walking over to ask them to get him to stop crying, asking what his problem was, etc. My mom kept getting more and more irritated, and my dad kept trying to keep her calm.

And then, this flight attendant came back with this gem.

Flight Attendant: “I see you’re military, sir. We happen to have a seat open in first class. Would you like to take it free of charge?”

My mom sat there, flabbergasted, pointedly looking between this moronic woman and her screaming baby. My dad luckily managed to speak before she could.

Dad: “Thank you, but as you can see, I’m with my family right now. But I do have my daughter sitting in [seat number]. She would love to sit up in first class since she’s away from us anyway.”

The attendant made a twisted expression.

Flight Attendant: “I’m sorry, we can’t do that. This offer is for service members only.”

Mom: “Are you stupid? Do you not see that we’re kind of struggling here? And you have the audacity to ask my husband to leave me?! Go the f*** away!”

The flight attendant gave another dirty look before leaving. Apparently, she also switched with the other attendant there because she stopped bothering my parents.

Luckily, my brother cried himself to sleep and stayed asleep for most of the flight.

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