Skipping Through The Bad Times

| Learning | February 14, 2015

(In my high school, if you’re going to be called down to discuss a disciplinary issue you get a blue slip during homeroom. I get one and head down to the office. The slips themselves don’t say the reason for being issued.)

Me: *handing the teacher the slip* “I got this?”

Teacher: *looks it over sternly* “Do you know why you’re here?”

Me: “No…?”

Teacher: *glowers at me and generally putting off an exaggerated ‘bad cop’ vibe* “Where were you fourth period on the 16th?”

Me: “I… Um….” *I take a moment to think, as it’s been a stressful time and I haven’t been keeping track of dates* “Uh. Well, fourth period is math, so… Wait, was the 16th last Tuesday?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

Me: “Oh! I was skipping class.”

Teacher: “I… what?”

Me: “I was skipping class.”

(The teacher looks totally bewildered; he had clearly worked himself up to handle any answer I gave him but that.)

Teacher: “Um. May I ask why?”

Me: “My sister tried to kill herself the day before and was hospitalized. All my friends have their lunch during fourth period, so I skipped math to be with them. I needed emotional support that day.”

Teacher: “Oh. Well. All right. Ah…” *flips through his calendar* “I’ll just make an appointment for you to discuss this with the principal, then. You, ah, go ahead and get back to class.”

(I did end up getting a Saturday detention for skipping class… mostly because I wouldn’t help the principal talk himself out of it. I ended up telling him to go ahead and give it to me since I didn’t care much and I HAD been skipping class.)

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