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They Skipped Leg Day And Pay Day

, , , | Right | May 9, 2018

(One of our regulars is getting behind in his membership payments. He is paying piecemeal and, as such, isn’t even paying off the monthly dues, let alone the back dues. Eventually, our manager has enough and we are instructed to stop this gym member next time they come in.)

Front Desk Employee: “I’m sorry, but you aren’t able to use the gym until your balance is paid in full.”

Gym Member: *suddenly angry* “What?! I’ve been making payments! Check your records!”

Front Desk Employee: *pulling up their file* “I see three payments, totaling $24, in the past month. Your current balance is $144; $16 remaining from this month, and $128 from the previous months.”

(The gym member then makes noise about the manager okaying his using the gym and, in short, tries to intimidate the smaller employee. She stands firm, but polite, and denies the member access to the gym unless he pays his FULL balance.)

Gym Member: *yelling* “This is bulls***! That’s it I’m canceling my membership! YOU JUST LOST A PAYING CUSTOMER! *storms out*

Front Desk Employee: “Obviously not.”

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