Skilled In Typing And Stereotyping

| Working | June 14, 2016

(I’m the assistant for the technical director of an international phone company. On this particular day she comes in with a bemused expression and a huge vase of flowers in her hands.)

Me: “Oh, that’s pretty; who are those from?”

Director: “One of the Vice Presidents, for Secretary Appreciation Day, apparently.”

Me: “What?!”

Director: “Yeah, darndest thing. I was on my way to a meeting on the executive floor and he came by with this cart of flowers. He saw me and handed me this, saying he wanted to make sure all secretaries from every floor got included.”

Me: “Wait… he thought you were a secretary?”

Director: “So it appears. Guess since he only comes by our branch every once in a while, and I’m female, didn’t do anything with my hair and wear glasses, I ticked enough of the stereotype boxes for him.”

Me: “So… did you correct him?”

Director: “Nah, I think I’ll wait till our weekly meeting when he’s due to sit with the other directors. Let everyone see the look on his face when the truth comes out.”

(Later that week she came in to find a new $500 dollar designer purse on her desk, with a huge card of apology sticking out of it.)

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