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Skating Past Common Sense

| Related | May 12, 2015

(My sister is a bright girl, but sometimes shoots past the ‘Entertain Your Own Question Before Asking It’ phase. She does this so much that we dub any such occurrence in the family a [Sister] Moment. On this occasion, we are watching the diving portion of the Summer Olympics.)

Sister: “Dad, when is the ice skating?”

(My dad assumes she is making a weird joke, as was often done in the early days of this phenomenon, and says nothing. A few moments pass.)

Sister: “Dad!”

Dad: “What?”

Sister: “When are they going to show the ice skating?”

Me: *mixing helpfulness with exacerbation, as I know exactly what’s happening* “In about 30 months.”

Sister: *ignoring my comment* “Seriously, though, when is the ice skating?”

Dad: “In two years.”

Me: “30 months.”

Sister: “That’s dumb. The Olympics only go for, like, a month. I don’t wanna miss the ice skating. When is it?”

Dad: “They don’t do ice skating in the Summer Olympics.”

Me: “Summer not usually being noted for its iciness.”

Sister: *processes* “Well, I mean, it’s indoors so I thought—”

Me: “—No. No, you did not.”

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