Skated Right Past That Trend

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When I was thirteen, inline skates were all the rage, so I begged my dad to buy me some. I was a quiet kid, and I never begged, but I really wanted those skates. After a while, he did, along with all the pads to protect my knees, wrists, head, and elbows from injury. 

I put them all on, and for some reason I decided to go to a parking lot which had a slight slope, and try skating down it. I figured the slope was good for beginners. It was a good idea in my mind, but when I actually did it, I sped up, panicked, and tried to stop, but skates are slippery and I couldn’t. I half fell, half rolled down the slope before landing on my face and hands and scraping my palms and cheek. 

My dad, who had been watching, howled with laughter and I sat there, embarrassed and humiliated that it wasn’t as safe and easy as I had thought. He said that I looked like a mess. We went home, and I took off the gear and skates and put it in my closet and never used it again. I stuck to bikes after that. I’m glad that he got me the pads, though, since I definitely would’ve broken something.

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