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Sizing You Up For A Scam Discount

, , , , | Right | July 25, 2021

I work as a supervisor at a popular thrift store. We are allowed to adjust prices for valid reasons, i.e. damage that was unnoticed when priced or has occurred after the item made it on the floor, items that are obviously mispriced, etc.

Employee: “The lady wants to know if we can adjust the price for these boots.”

Me: “Did she give a reason why?”

Employee: “Uhm, they are a bit tight on her?”

Me: “Seriously?”

I look over the boots and the price to make sure they are accurately priced.

Me: “No, we can’t. They are priced correctly. Them not being her size isn’t really our problem.”

She ended up buying them anyway, so I guess they weren’t that tight!

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