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Sized This Situation Up Incorrectly

, , , , | Right | February 10, 2018

(I’m assistant director for our school’s spring musical, and it is my job to pick up some old basketball uniforms from the gym and bring them to the theatre. The coach who’s letting us borrow them tells us that if any actors don’t fit in the uniforms we’ve got, we should send them to the gym to try out more. As it turns out, one of the actors doesn’t find one that fits. Later on, I’m telling my friend what happened.)

Me: “Yeah, they all found a costume that fit except [Actor], so we’re sending him to the gym.”

Friend: “That’s horrible!”

Me: “Not really. He can just stop by after school or something.”

Friend: “So, you just told him to go and lose weight, so he’d fit in the costume?”

Me: “Oh, my God! No! I’m sending him to the gym to try on the other uniforms so he’ll find one that fits!”