Situation Is About To Get Hairy

| Working | August 2, 2013

(I have hair that reaches past my waist. I entered the salon with it tied in a bun.)

Me: “Hi, I just wondered if you could take about six inches off my hair. No layers or anything just cut it straight.”

Hair Stylist: “Sure, hon. No problem! Have a seat. Six inches is sort of a lot; are you sure you want me to take that much?”

(The stylist begins taking my hair down, and realizes how long it is.)

Hair Stylist: “Oh, wow! Why on earth would you let your hair get so long? How much did you want me to take off again?”

Me: “Oh, I’m pretty used to it. Just six inches or so; bring it back up to my waist, please.”

(The stylist begins working, and I can’t see how much she’s actually cutting until she turns the chair back to face the mirror, looking very pleased with herself.)

Hair Stylist: “There! That’s much better, isn’t it?”

(She has cut much more than I asked her to, and my hair is now just past my shoulders, which is way shorter than I’m used to.)

Me: “What did you do? I only wanted six inches cut off; you took a foot and a half!”

Hair Stylist: “But it will be so much easier for you to handle now, not to mention that no one has hair that long anymore.”

Me: “I liked my hair! Why would you cut so much off?”

Hair Stylist: “It’s better this way; you’ll thank me later, trust me. Now, that will be [amount].”

Me: “I’m not PAYING you for ruining my hair!”

(The owner of the salon, who I am acquainted with, pokes her head out of the other room and gasps when she sees my hair.)

Owner: “Hi [my name]! I thought you liked your hair long.”

Me: “I do! She cut off almost two feet when I asked for six inches!”

Owner: “[Stylist], why would you do that?”

Hair Stylist: “It looks way better; it’s much more modern this way.”

Owner: “But she liked it long! It’s your job to cut hair the way people ask you, not to make lifestyle decisions for people!”

Hair Stylist: “Whatever, she’ll be thanking me later! Now she needs to pay.”

Owner: “No she doesn’t. You blatantly ignored her wishes, and you’re insulting her.”

(The stylist and owner argue for a few more minutes. Finally, the stylist storms out, and the owner gives me a gift card to my favorite coffee chain to make up for it. Of course, I still have to wait a year for my hair to grow back out.)

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