Sit In The Park, Feed The Ducks, Learn Another Culture…

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(One day, I decide to walk home from work rather than take the bus. I start to get tired, so I call my husband to let him now I’ve stopped at the park and ask him to come and get me when he’s off work. He agrees, and I settle in at a park table, reading off my tablet.)

Man: “Hello there. Can I please join you?”

Me: “Okay, sure.”

Man: “I am [Man] and I’m from Africa, from [Country in Africa].”

Me: “Hi, I’m [My Name]; nice to meet you.”

Man: “I am Christian, like you.”

(I am not Christian, nor am wearing anything that indicates Christianity; in fact, I’m wearing a ring with a Pagan symbol on it. I assume he might think I’m Christian because I’m not in a hijab, which might be the way he could tell in his home country.)

Me: “Oh, okay.”

Man: “As I was walking, God laid it on my heart to talk to you.”

Me: “O… kay…” *braces self for proselytizing*

Man: “I have no wife, and I want you.”

Me: “W-what?”

(I’m not conventionally attractive and am very rarely hit on.)

Man: “I. WANT. YOU.”

Me: *holding up left hand and kind of shrinking away* “Oh, no. I’m married.”

Man: “I will leave in peace.” *wanders off*

(About that time, my husband pulled up. I was a little rattled by the encounter by then. I guess I’m going to pan it off as a cultural difference, but I did stop walking through that park by myself.)

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