Sisters And Cousins And Girlfriends, Oh My

| Romantic | April 6, 2015

(My cousin and I live together (both female) and my sister has come to visit. I am extremely close with both of them and have been thought by strangers to be dating them on more than one occasion. We make jokes about it all the time even though they are both straight. I’m not and I have a girlfriend. My girlfriend and my cousin’s boyfriend have never met so we have them both over for dinner.)

Boyfriend: “So, [Girlfriend], how did you and [My Name] meet?”

Girlfriend: “This is actually a ridiculously funny story. [My Name] and I go to the same gym and we’d always end up there at the same time. Well, I’d been crushing on her for so long but most of the time she had this chick with her so I kept away. Then the chick stopped coming and I was going to make my move but a week later a different chick was with her and I figured she was a ‘love ’em and leave ’em’ type.”

Me: “The first chick was of course [Sister] and the second was [Cousin].”

Girlfriend: “Right, well, I didn’t know that. They acted kind of couple-y so I just thought. Anyway, one day I was on the treadmill and [My Name] came over and gave me this funny look. There was one free on the other side of me so I asked if she wanted me to move figuring she was trying to ask without sounding rude.”

Me: “She said ‘Oh, I could move over one if you and your girlfriend want to run next to each other’. And I d*** near peed myself laughing.”

Girlfriend: “I was super confused but then she explained that the chick was her cousin and that she got that all the time with her sister, too. So I figured that was who the other chick was.”

Me: “I was actually trying to figure out a really cute cheesy gym related pick up like I could use but there was no better way to break the ice.”

Girlfriend: “So she told me that she was actually going to ask me out and it’s been heaven ever since.”

Boyfriend: “You know that’s really funny because I assumed I wouldn’t have a chance with [Cousin] because I thought [My Name] was her girlfriend.”

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