Sister And The Traveling Plants

| Related | April 17, 2013

(I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan. I’ve also gotten my little sister interested in it. Unfortunately she’s more interested in watching me play than playing herself. I make her play for the first time.)

Me: “What are you doing?”

Sister: “Trying not to die! These plants are trying to eat me!”

Me: “You have a sword. Just hit them with it.”

Sister: “I keep missing.”

Me: “How can you miss? They’re right in front of you.”

Sister: “It’s just easier if I avoid them.”

Me: “They’re the easiest enemies in the whole game. Go back and kill that Deku Baba.”

Sister: “No.”

Me: “Do it.”

Sister: “No!”

Me: *in a deep demonic voice*Kill the Baba!

(She quits.)

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