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Sirius-ly Good Deduction

, , , , | Friendly | February 19, 2018

(My friends and I are playing a random trivia game we made. It is my turn, and I grab a face-down question paper.)

Question: “In Harry Potter, what is Sirius Black’s Animagus?”

Me: “Ugh. I barely know anything about Harry Potter. What is an ‘Animagus’? Some kind of… animal magic, I suppose?”

Friend #1: “Yeah. Just pick some animal… or pass.”

Me: “Hmm, hold on… Let me guess… A dog?”

Friend #2: “That is my question… and it is correct!”

Friend #3: “How in the world did you guess that?”

Me: “Cool, that’s actually right?”

Friend #2: “Yup. How’d you even guess? There are so many animals.”

Me: “The star Sirius is part of Canis Major, the Greater Dog constellation. Sirius is also called the Dog Star.”

Friend #3: “Oh, my God! You answered using astronomy?!”

Me: “Yeah.”

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