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(I’m a young FTM transgender teen and struggle daily with dysphoria – a form of depression. I don’t do many sports and don’t do a lot outside of school. One thing I love is working in my local theater — for plays and musicals, not the cinema. Oftentimes when I’m free, I’ll hang out in the lobby and make light chatter with the audience before the show. If it’s cold outside, I’ll usually hold the door when I see people coming, as the door handle outside can get really, really, cold. I see an older couple approaching the stairs. I go outside and hold the door for them.)

Old Woman: “Good evening!”

Me: “Evening, miss!”

Old Man: “Thank you very much, sir!”

Me: *beaming* “You’re very welcome!”

(That little “sir” he said, even though he had no idea what I was dealing with inside, brightened my whole evening and had me smiling all night.)

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