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Sippy Cup Or Tipsy Cup

| Working | April 2, 2014

(I’m waiting on a table with a small child, whose parents order her a virgin strawberry daiquiri. I’m in a hurry and forget to make a note to the bartender to put it in a children’s cup. Sure enough, when I go to check on the table, the child has spilled her drink all over the table.)

Me: *as I’m cleaning up* “Oh god, I’m sorry. I should have told the bartender to put that in a kid’s cup. That’s my fault. I apologize. Let me go have the bartender make a new one in a cup with a lid.”

(I head to the bar.)

Me: “I need a new virgin daiquiri in a kid’s cup—”

Bartender: “Ring it up.”

Me: “No. I just need you to make another one. My kid spilled the first one.”

Bartender: “I haven’t made any virgin daiquiris.”

(As he’s the only bartender, I’m confused.)

Me: “Yes, you have. You made one for me five minutes ago.”

Bartender: “You didn’t ring in any virgin daiquiri.”

Me: “Yes, I did! You put it up and stuck my ticket on it and I took it to my table!”

Bartender: “No. I never got a ticket for a virgin daiquiri!”

Me: “Yes, you did!” *I pick up the basket where we keep the tickets for drinks that have gone out and find mine* “See? Right here!”

Bartender: *stares at the ticket* “Oh…”

Me: *getting it, horrified* “Did you just give RUM to a FIVE YEAR OLD?!”

Bartender: “One virgin daiquiri in a kid’s cup coming up!”

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