Sins Of The Father

| Related | September 27, 2013

(Our family comes home from a long vacation, and my mom sees that someone has left a paper cup on her papers. The soda that was in the cup has leaked through it and spilled all over her papers. She freaks out.)

Mom: “Kids! Come here!”

Us: “What Mom?”

Mom: “One of you left a soda that spilled all over my important papers! Which one was it? If the person confesses, I won’t punish you three.”

Brother: “It wasn’t me.”

Me: “It’s wasn’t me.”

Sister: “It wasn’t me.”

Mom: “Now I know one of you did it! That’s it, go clean your rooms until one of you confesses!”

(Nonplussed, we go to clean our rooms. Just then Dad shows up.)

Dad: “What’s all the yelling?”

Mom: “One of the kids spilled soda all over my papers! Look, they’re ruined!”

(She shows the soggy papers to Dad.)

Dad: “Uh, well, see, it may have been me that left the soda there…”

Mom: “What! I can’t believe it!”

(Mom sends Dad to clean his room, and yells at him while we laugh.)

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