Sinking Into This Whole Witchcraft Thing

, , , , , | Working | October 30, 2017

(We have a new hire who is originally from Kenya and has a very thick accent as a result. One of my managers turns out to be very racist and belittles her behind her back.)

Manager: “I have no idea how [New Hire] even managed to get a job here. She can’t speak properly, and her people have probably never even heard of indoor plumbing before. How can we trust her to even know how a computer works?”

(My coworkers and I are all speechless at her statement. All of a sudden the new hire in question walks into the lunchroom. She must have overheard our manager because she turns her head toward the sink when another coworker turns it on, and loudly proclaims:)

New Hire: “Running water indoors! What is this witchcraft?!”

(After quite a few complaints, plus an unrelated incident that cost the company money, the manager no longer works here anymore, while the new hire still does and isn’t really all that new anymore. We all still like to proclaim the sink to be witchcraft every time someone turns it on.)

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